Carlisle United and their fellow clubs will attempt to complete the domestic season by the end of June if the Covid-19 crisis allows it, UEFA announced tonight.

European football's governing body said a resolution had been signed that would see leagues aim to play remaining fixtures by the summer.

This would only be done, they added, if the situation amid the coronavirus pandemic makes it possible.

A statement after UEFA, the European Club Association, European Leagues and FIFPRO Europe signed a resolution, said they had reached "a commitment to complete all domestic and European club competitions by the end of the current sporting season, i.e. 30 June 2020 at the latest, should the situation improve and resuming playing be appropriate and prudent enough."

The statement added that qualifiers for next season's Champions League and Europa League could be moved if the above is not possible.

Matches in the English league have been suspended until April 3 at the earliest.

Today's announcement that Euro 2020 had been put back by a year was designed to give leagues the space to attempt to complete fixtures.

The statement followed a videoconference today as football's leaders continued their efforts to find a way forward during the pandemic.

They described is as an "unsettling, challenging and unprecedented situation" and added that all parties unanimously agreed the resolution.

Other continigency plans will see play-off qualifiers for Euro 2020 moved from this month to June, if conditions amid the pandemic allow.

The UEFA Nations League Finals, the UEFA U21 Euros and the UEFA Women’s Euros, all scheduled between June and July 2021, "will also be re-scheduled accordingly".

A working group, UEFA added, composed of representatives from UEFA, leagues and clubs "will be immediately established to examine relevant calendar matters and devise solutions allowing for the resumption and/or conclusion of the current season in a coherent manner."

A second working group will be set up at a later stage to assess the "economic, financial and regulatory impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and propose measures to help mitigate the consequences of the pandemic".