Whitehaven and Dewsbury have now received confirmation of the restaging of their Challenge Cup tie.

It was postponed due to the torrential rain, which left standing water on the pitch.

They will welcome Dewsbury Rams in the fourth round on Wednesday, March 11, with a 7pm kick off.

Chairman Tom Todd said: “In the end I think we had four different options, but as far as we are concerned, and are quite happy with, is that we will play in midweek after we have been to Widnes on the Sunday.

“Dewsbury already have a Championship game to rearrange in midweek so they are going to be quite busy.”

It means the fifth-round tie at Newcastle Thunder will follow just four days after the showdown under the lights.

Team manager Des Byrne said: “The weather seems to be okay over the next few days. There will be the odd shower which we can cope with. It’s the monsoon conditions we got at the weekend that cause the problems.

“I have to say generally, however, the pitch is coping well. In days gone by it would have been a quagmire and things have improved considerably.”