Carlisle United's supporters' trust say there has been a "flurry of recent activity" regarding succession at the top of the club.

CUOSC, in a members' briefing, today said that a "process" is continuing that involves "various parties".

No details were given other than the suggestion that negotiations were taking place.

The comment came in CUOSC's report from a club 1921 board meeting, where Jim Mitchell represents the fans' group.

It said: "Succession was discussed, but the current process has not yet reached a successful conclusion, despite a flurry of recent activity which has involved CUOSC.

"Various parties are involved in negotiating a satisfactory solution, which is ongoing."

The News & Star has invited CUOSC and the club to comment further.

There has been persistent speculation concerning the further involvement of financial backers Edinburgh Woollen Mill at United.

Meanwhile, Blues chairman Andrew Jenkins has called for an end to "negativity" which he says surrounds the club, and offered to meet groups of fans to offer "explanations".

Writing in his matchday programme column ahead of the home clash with Walsall, veteran co-owner Jenkins said head coach Chris Beech was also concerned about the "negativity" and wanted to work to create a "united front."

The chairman said: "In an attempt to rid ourselves of this [negative] feeling...we would appeal to everyone to get behind the club in a positive manner."

He added: "I know a lot of that comes down to trust, and in the fans feeling we at the club are doing what we can to move forward."

United have been called upon by some supporters to stage a fans' forum involving those at the top of the club.

Jenkins, though, said he "preferred" to speak to smaller groups.

He wrote: "I prefer to meet fans along with other club officials in smaller groups, rather than at the forums we hold, as I believe more can be achieved and much more detail can be discussed".

He said this has been "positive" when done in the past, such as during Keith Curle's time as manager.

Jenkins added that fans should get in touch if they would like to sit down with him to discuss concerns.

He said: "I am happy to meet groups of supporters and discuss any issues they have. I want to help to rid the club of the barriers that appear to be there at this moment in time".