Workington Town boss Chris Thorman is looking Down Under in a bid to strengthen his squad, with a number of Australian talents on his list of potential new signings.

Thorman has been busy preparing his side for their first action of the year with a derby day trip to Whitehaven to look forward to for Sunday’s Ike Southward Memorial Trophy game.

But he is also still working hard on plans to bring more talent into the club – despite having already brought in a number of new and familiar players – and has set his sights on southern hemisphere stars who he feels could take his side up a gear as they look to achieve promotion back to the Championship this year.

“I’ve got my eye on a couple of potential signings,” Thorman said.

“There are a couple of Australian lads that I’m interested in and talking about with former colleagues and friends I’ve got over there.

“They would really enhance the group and be very good for the level we’re playing at.

“I’ve been quite patient in the market and I’m still not going to rush into anything or make rash decisions.

“I want the right players in the right positions.”

Thorman said he was working with the club to assess how easy it would be to get the players over and eligible to play for his team in this year’s League 1 campaign.

As well as looking at targets overseas, Thorman has a number of players closer to home who have been put through their paces during pre-season on a trial basis and will feature in the squad for this weekend’s fiery derby clash.

The Town boss is keen to take a look at them in a game but does not want to feel like he is taking anything away from what will be a full-blooded encounter which his team will hope to win to retain the trophy.

“We’re going to have a few triallists playing, at least,” he added.

“They’ve trained really well and hard and deserve an opportunity.

“At the same time you’re not going to learn as much when you’re rolling subs on and off constantly and you don’t want to discredit the game in any way.

“There are a couple who might be in for contracts potentially and there are a few that are possibly a bit young at the moment.

“Three lads in particular are around the age of 18 or 19 that wouldn’t be looking to play this year – although you never say never – but it’s nice to keep them in our farm if you like.”

Sunday’s game at the Recreation Ground has moved to a 2pm kick-off to ensure supporters do not have to miss the Premier League football match between Liverpool and Manchester United.