Jarrad Branthwaite will learn from playing through an illness which cost him his place in the Carlisle United side, Chris Beech says.

The teenage defender missed out at Forest Green because of a virus.

Beech said talented defender Branthwaite had played when feeling below par in the Blues’ previous game.

The head coach said: “He [Branthwaite] has had a massive period before I’ve come – he’s getting a lot of media attention and quite right, and it’s very difficult as a young player to receive that and keep going.

“They’re human beings, it’s the first time it’s happened to him in his life, and he’s ended up picking a virus up.

“I was told he was ill on Friday of last week but didn’t tell anybody, played against Cambridge and he’s really plummeted in terms of his immune system.

“The doc and Dolly [Neil Dalton] the physio are picking him up.

"I’ve spoken to him regularly but I had to make a decision on Thursday for Saturday, because we were playing away and travelling on Friday morning, so it wasn’t enough time for Jarrad.”