A young Cumbrian martial arts ace is set to compete at the World Open ITF Taekwon-Do Championships.

Emilie Borthwick, 10, will take on athletes from across the globe in the Under-10s to Under-13s age category at the event which will be held at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, Wishaw, in Scotland from November 1 to November 3.

It will be the first time in 50 years the competition has been staged in the United Kingdom and Leona, mother of St Michael’s C of E Primary School student Emilie, says they cannot wait.

“Emilie is very excited and very nervous,” Leona said.

“It’s the first time it’s been in the UK for 50 years, so it’s a huge deal. She is working really hard and doing extra lessons in the build-up to the competition.”

When asked where athletes were coming from to feature at the competition, Leona replied: “Literally, all over the world.

"All ITF [International Taekwon-Do Federation] schools have been invited. I believe they have put the closing dates back because there were some that were concerned that they would not get their visas in time.”

Emilie trains at Dumfries & Galloway and Carlisle Taekwon-Do School, and has done so for two years. In that time, Emilie has attended six competitions and won nine medals, of which four were golds, one was silver and another four were bronze.

Leona said: “She has done the Chang Ung Cup twice.

“Emilie was competing against people from the UK and Northern Ireland and, I believe, from the Netherlands and Germany, as well, in that."

And while others who will compete at the World Championships will have much more travelling to do, Emilie should only face a 170-mile round trip, with the event taking place on British soil.

“She is so lucky that the competition is in the UK because, if it wasn’t, the costs would have been very high. But, for us, it’s only an hourand-a-half drive [to the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility],” Leona admitted.

“It’s amazing for her to get to see how other competitors from other countries train and compete.

"It’s all about learning.

“Her instructor has been giving her extra lessons, and has been working her really hard. It’s a big deal because we are really proud of her.”