Workington Town paid tribute to the heroes of the Lancashire Cup-winning side of 1977 at the weekend.

The club held a reunion dinner on Friday at Derwent Park when a host of familiar names got together to celebrate the triumph.

Les Gorley, Eddie Bowman, Ian Wright, Alan Banks, David Collister, Billy Pattinson, Peter Gorley and Arnold 'Boxer' Walker were all present at the event.

Right throughout the glory years of the 1950s, the Lancashire Cup was the one trophy that alluded Workington.

So when Town won the trophy in 1977, their second of what was to be four consecutive Lancashire Cup finals, there was cause for great celebration.

The side, captained by Paul Charlton, and featuring big names such as Eddie Bowman and Boxer Walker, triumphed over Wigan in a real cup thriller.

The Wigan team at the time were ferocious and Workington were the underdogs as they set off for the final at Wilderspool.

Ike Southward, the former GB winger, was the Town coach at the time, as his side clinched a memorable 16-13 victory.

Boxer Walker dominated the game to give Town the opportunity to snatch the trophy from under Wigan's noses.

Ian Wright and Ray Wilkins both got over the try line and Iain McCorquodale proved invaluable with the boot as he added four goals, with Walker tagging on two drop goals.