WE shared the news that a rapidly growing Carlisle-based car enthusiast group is tackling the stigma associated with car meets while supporting local charities.

Founded only in March, Carlisle Modded has grown from three cars at their bi-weekly car meets to over 170.

Ryan Mumberson, founder of Carlisle Modded, has had a love for all things cars and motorbikes since he was a child.

He said the group is making a point of being all-inclusive and open to all ages, types of drivers, and backgrounds.

Here's what our readers thought.

Paul Pattinson-Irving said: "I have seen it before and it’s a really good and positive energy."

Grant Didsbury said: "Well done all, good to see the car culture I enjoyed is slowly coming. Made so many great friends though car culture, may take my kids down to a future one."

Gemma Tuck commented: "We’ve been attending since the first meet and always have our children with us. This is the only reason we’ve started attending meets again since moving up here as the kids and families are catered for and events made as safe as possible, just like the ones we used to go to down south."

One web user added: "Good for them well done all."