WE shared the news that passengers in west Cumbria were left missing doctors' appointments and running late for work due to bus cancellations they say are becoming a 'regular occurrence'.

On Monday, May 22 passengers were left waiting at the Workington Bus Station after the Stagecoach X5 service was cancelled at 8.15am.

Bron Stringer and her daughter Beth Todd were left worrying that they would miss Beth's six week post-natal doctor's appointment, after the bus was cancelled.

Here's what our readers thought.

Anne Peebles Craig said: "The council should start penalising for every cancelled bus," and Olwyn Gibson said: "I’ve contacted Stagecoach numerous times by email and usually just get a pre-prepared acknowledgement - then nothing happens. I feel sorry for the drivers who drive those buses that do turn up - they get it in the neck - the trouble lies with the operators, not the drivers, but they are immune to the complaints."

Stacey Kidd added: "All the buses in Carlisle are the same. Stagecoach isn't fit for purpose."

Susan Burdon said: "It’s been an ongoing thing for the last 12 months or more, loads of times my son has been late getting to school and I’m having to pick him up from school as buses are cancelled all the time without warning."

Sara Schina commented: "This story has been going on for months now, and nobody does anything about it."