WE shared the news that decision-makers will gather in Whitehaven to set out an ‘ambitious’ masterplan to transform the town centre.

Josh MacAlister, the Labour parliamentary candidate for Whitehaven and Workington, has organised a public meeting, alongside Emma Williamson, deputy leader of Cumberland Council.

Residents are invited to join the public meeting at Whitehaven Civic Hall on Thursday, May 23, between 7pm and 9pm.

Here's what readers said.

Matt McCarron said: "It needs bars and restaurants along the harbour, literally the only decent thing in the town, play to it, instead of putting up more and more flats along it."

James Sutherland said: "Scrap business rates for local family businesses and scrap the ridiculous business waste collection rules that further squeeze family businesses off the high street."

Paul Kavanagh said: "People are shopping on the internet, delivery vans everywhere, seven days a week, that's a big part of the problem."

Erika Barna commented: "If they want to boost businesses and the city's economy, then reduce rental prices and not just have a free market once a month. There should be events that attract tourists, etc. and yes, free parking is also very important. It might seem like it would cost a lot but it would pay off for the municipality."

Justine Fleming agreed. She said: "Free parking and lower business rates. No brainer."

Darren Goodwin added: "Needs to be turned into an entertainment/food/social area to complement the harbour. Draw in tourists, where the lakes meet the sea."