WE shared the news that Virgin trains are set to make a return to Cumbria after plans were revealed for a new service in competition with Avanti West Coast.

The Virgin Group chief executive has confirmed that the business has submitted an application to the Office of Rail and Road to run as an open access operator alongside Avanti.

Here's what readers thought.

David Eyley said: "They certainly ran the West Coast Mainline a lot better than Avanti! Same rolling stock, but the management team were so much better."

Dave Ellwood agreed. He said: "Totally agree with you that Virgin seems to run a better service."

Suzanne Kelsey added: "They were far better than Avanti that’s for sure."

Jo Hardy said: "I was always happy with Virgin trains and was sorry to see them go," and David Drinkald said: "They offered far more deals than the present lot."

John Fawcett said: "I used them when in the UK, I found them to be excellent."

One web user commented: "Time for change, the UK should have zonal charges (like TFL) with areas in the North subsidised, areas in the South not so much. The cost of a family travelling to London by train is prohibitive when compared to travelling by car. Of course, the train should be cheaper, and much more environmentally friendly."