We shared the news that new data has revealed that Carlisle experienced its hottest year on record in 2023.

Carlisle was one of nearly a third of all places in the UK that last year experienced its hottest average temperature since local records began, according to UK charity Carbon Copy and climate scientists at the University of Reading.

Using data from the Met Office, the organisations have just released the latest update to the local climate warming stripes – the area-specific graphics showing the reality of our heating planet where we live. 

Here's what readers thought.

Andrea Didsbury said: "If you’d said wettest I might have believed you. Last year was disappointing (especially the summer holidays) compared to the two previous years."

Daz Barnes said: "I must have missed it, I can remember last summer being one of the wettest in my lifetime."

Mark Ritson said: "Hottest year doesn't mean it was boiling hot most of the days, or even dry weather. It's the average temperature of all the days combined it may well have rained a lot but those rainy days could still be two or three degrees higher than the same days the year before when it was fine weather. Climate change does not mean constant warm weather or heat waves."