WE shared the news that a Great North Air Ambulance was stuck on top of England's highest mountain for two days, after fog and poor visibility forced the team to leave the helicopter on top of the peak following a quick change in conditions.

While attending a call-out on Scafell Pike, on Saturday, March 16 a dense cloud of fog surrounded the aircraft without warning- despite many checks by pilots the weather had changed in 'the blink of an eye'.

The team was still able to treat the patient they flew out to, and they accompanied them in the descent down the mountain alongside Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team and Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue Team, but pilot Mik stayed with the aircraft to wait until a break in the clouds appeared.

Here's what readers thought.

Pam Critchley said: "These people risk life and limb to serve. What legends," while Ronnie Wood said: "Well done to the pilot for staying with the helicopter."

Anna Salmon said: "Poor Mik, a stressful encounter for sure."

Ella Carr added: "Well done to the pilot," and Apple Shawshtu commented: "Amazing bravery and courage."

Shirley Wood said: "Poor pilot he would have been so cold and hungry."

Fiona Clarke said: "Air Ambulance do an amazing job so their air ambulance is a big part of the team and well done to the pilot, safety first."