We shared the news that a popular Carlisle fish and chips shop has asked locals to suggest a new item for its menu.

The Town Fryer on Scotch Street took to social media to ask its loyal customer base what they would want to put on the menu with the promise that the winner will have their choice added and receive a free meal on the chippy.

The fish and chip shop's owner Dan Martos, who took over The Town Fryer in May 2022 explained how he is trying to engage more with the community to improve the offerings at the restaurant and takeaway.

Here's what readers suggested.

Stuart Curtis suggested liver and onion pizza, while Angela Aitken said: "Chips fried separately from fish and meat so they are suitable for vegetarians."

Vix Dean suggested a 'deep-fried creme egg' and Judith Yeates said: "Patties like Pieri’s used to make! Cheese and onion, minced beef and chicken curry fillings. Yummy."

Charlie Slater suggested 'deep-fried brie wedges' and Fiona Mulholland voted for white pudding.

Linda Graham chose curry patties and Natasha Eve said 'a proper meat patty'.

Anne Wood and Elaine Taylor both suggested a gluten-free option.

Wendy Graham asked for mince and chips and a web user said: "Steak and kidney pie in batter."

Ian Gordon Hearder commented: "My favourite fish and chip shop," and Lynn Sowerby also said: "A lovely fish and chip shop our favourite place to eat."