OUR readers reacted to our most recent edition of nostalgia, in which we looked back at one of the most popular clubs in Carlisle's history, The Cosmo.

In the sixties, the club was popular amongst residents and bands who were making the journey up north, in the days before the M6.

Susan Mackenzie said: "This was when I was a model and there's my mum and Grandma on the front row. Not sure if that's me or my sister sat with them. I was part of Pat Allen's dancing school modelling fashion for children."

Colin Frith said: "Great nights with great mates, we had to wear a jacket and tie, unfortunately later people could wear anything and behaviour got bad, the top bands stopped being booked and it was only a disco the last time I visited, early 1980s I think."

Dave Douglas said: "I'm old enough to remember when it was the Argyll Cinema," while Diane Magri said she had her wedding night at The Cosmo.

Joan Smith commented: "Best club ever in Carlisle. Great atmosphere great groups. Had so many brilliant nights there and also met my husband there. Those were the days."

Brian Stedman added: "It was one of the best night clubs in the north of England," and William Mounsey said: "We went every week sometimes twice. Best ever night out."

Christine Robinson agreed, saying 'Sunday nights were fantastic'.