WE shared the news that a Cumbrian caregiver has spoken about the incredibly important work that Hospice at Home does to mark National Caregivers Day. 

National Caregivers Day is celebrated on Friday, February 16 and honours the healthcare professionals across the country providing long-term and hospice care.

Diane Hollyer has worked for Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakeland for 10 years now. 

She spoke to the News & Star about the importance of hospice care and the work that she and other carers provide year-round. 

Here's what readers said.

Hannah Cant said: "Forever thankful and grateful for Hospice at home, they really are true angels."

Martin Riley said: "Hospice at Home cared for my dad at his home in his last weeks with us. Amazing staff at Hospice at Home and that lady was amazing from start to end of his care, forever grateful for the service they provide."

Victoria Shellis Chacon also described them as 'true angels', and Julie Allan said: "Diane was one of my partner's carers - an amazing lady as were all the other ladies who cared for Andrew."

Rosie Charnock said they are a 'fantastic team', while Claire J Wheeler commented: "Diane’s like a good friend straight away."