OUR readers reacted to the reminder of Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer's announcement in 2023 that the BBC TV licence fee would see a rise of 6.7 per cent this year, in line with inflation after previously being frozen.

The expected increase was originally 9 per cent, which would have meant an increase of around £15 from April 2024 but this was reduced by the government.

Russell Heeley said: "I'm switching to Catchup and On Demand - no need for a licence."

Don Bracken said the licence fee 'needs scrapped', and Stuart Whelan said: "Never had one my whole life."

Grace Watson said it was 'not worth the money', and one web user said: "I haven't bought a TV licence for at least fifteen years now."

The TV licence was first introduced in June 1946, when television broadcasts resumed following the Second World War.

The new TV licence fee, beginning from April this year, will increase by £10.50 from £159 to £169.50 per year, which is the first time the TV licence fee has risen since April 2022.