WE shared photos of the year 1976, which will be remembered by many for its scorching summer.

While there have been subsequent heatwaves, it remains the standard by which all British summers are judged.

Between June and August, the UK reportedly recorded its hottest average temperature for more than 350 years and its driest summer for 200, a record subsequently surpassed by an even drier 1995.

In Cumbria, the hot weather saw children cooling off in the paddling pool at Silloth while their parents enjoyed the sunshine, no doubt happy to see them occupied.

Our readers shared their memories of the summer.

Anita Glencross said: "It was a scorcher. We were in St Ives and you couldn't walk round in it for long," while Barbara Liddell added: "Spent many childhood holidays splashing about in the Silloth paddling pool."

Brenda Littlefair replied and said: "It was an adventure going to Silloth on the train, loved the paddling pool and the donkeys."

Janette Thompson said: "Lovely memories playing in that pool every summer, we had a caravan on Lightfoots." 

Shona Thomson commented: "Remember it well, long hot summer."