READERS reacted to the news weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office over the past few days.

We published live blogs on the weather warnings and shared videos, one of which featured people walking through the snow.

One web user said: "A little bit of of cold weather and panic sets in. Same if the temperature rises over 20 degrees," while another commented: "Woke has arrived in Cumbria. It's a little covering of snow! If people fitted winter tyres (yes you can run them all year) they would not keep sliding off the road. They are better below six degrees, give grip in snow, last as long as summer tyres, and are just as good (unless you insist on driving as though you stole the car)."

Dean Andrew Bell commented on the video of people walking through the snow: "I had to drive to my jobs over Caldbeck commons, struggling to get up and down hills. After sliding around a few times I realised it wasn't worth the risk and decided to turn back."

Mark Bell added: "This climate change will be the death of us."

JT Tudor said: "Looks like just a little sprinkling."

Elaine Watkins commented: "That's only a dusting of snow. I saw far worse when I was growing up in Yorkshire in the 1950s and 1960s. We had 10-foot snow drifts. These days they think it's bad just having a few inches of snow."