WE shared the news with readers that a local developer asked the public for ideas on what to do with a former bank on Devonshire Street. 

The mid-1800s, five-storey building, located at 4 Devonshire Street, was recently acquired by Will Morgan and his partner Maxine, who will be known to many for their successful revitalisation of Carlisle's Old Fire Station.

The pair have bought the building, but don't have a firm idea of what it could be.

Here's what readers suggested.

Sarah Brannan said: "The city needs a bigger hospital and more schools," while Gary Ashbridge commented: "The building would make good for an escape room leisure-style complex especially with having a vault."

Joy Wilson added: "Imagine if we had a proper street market, small business would thrive, cash becomes a thing again. Fresh fruit and vegetables, beautiful nic nacks, affordable pitches and socialize again, be social and caring and know each other, a total Camden vibe. I personally would love it." 

Justine Fleming said Carlisle needed 'free parking and a prettier-looking town', as Carol Milnes said: "Will and Maxine Allen Morgan what ever you do will be amazing as always."

Linda Beck suggested a bakery, Sarah Goddard voted for Five Guys and Julia Ritson mentioned a new medical centre.

One web user commented: "As a supporter and regular at the OFS I have seen what Will and Maxine have done and I'm pretty sure that they will make this new venture just as welcoming and successful."