We shared the news that the continental-style Christmas market has brought a festive sparkle to Carlisle city centre - but opinion is divided on its impact on local businesses.

Supporters say it drives footfall and brings millions into the local economy, but detractors suggest that the retail sector in Carlisle city centre is hurt by the influx of competition at an important time of year.

This year, the Christmas market features assorted food and gift stalls as well as entertainment including a helter-skelter and a Ferris wheel.

Here's how readers reacted.

Nicola Scullion said: "There is nothing to stop local businesses having a stall on the market and bringing some of their stock outside into a cabin - if you lose £30,000 revenue because the market is there - get yourself out to the market and join in yourself. Simple."

Rachel Eccles said: "Like people are saying about our shops losing out. Then why haven't they got a stall outside? It happens every year with people moaning about the stalls."

Claire Oliver said: "Wish there were more local people. Far too expensive for most local traders."

Andrew Trappe said: "Very disappointing again. It used to have far more "things" and less food. Also, it had so many stalls it went right up English Street. Move it into the Market Hall instead."

One web user said: "Markets in the city centre predate the high street and shopping centres of Carlisle."