THE government has announced an additional £80 million for the Carlisle ring road project in a move described as 'vital for the growth of Carlisle' by a local MP. 

The Carlisle Southern Link Road Project was given approval by Government back in 2016/17, but was then hit with difficulties around the rising costs associated with the supply chain, labour and material shortages and rising energy costs.

The link road project would see a relief road built south of Carlisle linking the M6 to the A595 at Newby West.

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Despite the setback Cumbria County Council has progressed the project, with planning permission granted and tenders in, meaning that work could start as early as April 2023.

Here's what our readers thought.

Jonathan Carr said: "No issues with the bypass, a road linking the M6 at J44 and Southern Carlisle directly to the A595 without having to go through Dalston will be a massive benefit. I do have an issue with 10,000 houses being built on agricultural land."

Karen Conley said: "Maybe they could put some tarmac on the bypass that is already there."

Ian Willacy said: "Can they not fill in the existing potholes before embarking on a new road," while Shaz Lindsay added: "All well and good but what about schools? As they are full to the rim. The hospital can’t cope with the demands now never mind another 10,000."

George Rutherford commented: "What a waste of good agricultural land which cannot be replaced, all for a village without an infrastructure to sustain it."