WE revisited old stores that were once fixtures for shoppers in Carlisle. 

Woolworths opened its first Carlisle branch in the 1920s and closed in 2008.

At Pink Panther, you could buy the latest singles or even a 50p package of “surprise” singles. The shop was situated in Globe Lane in 1987, but moved to Chapel Street in 2003.

Before Debenhams was built and Lanes Shopping Centre expanded, there was a supermarket called Food Giant. The store opened in 1992 but closed just a few years later.

Bullough's ran for almost 100 years, before becoming Hoopers in 2006.

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Danny's Discount Store was located on Botchergate and was a favourite among readers, who shared memories of shellsuits and shirts bought at the store.

Peter Routledge said: "My favourite shop was Arrival Menswear my old pal Dave’s shop," while Anita Palmer said: "Spent a lot of time in Pink Panther in the 1980s."

David Hill said: "I’m still wearing a rugby shirt I bought at Danny’s Discount."

Laura Wilson commented: "I loved this shop new shellsuits were the thing."


Maria Morley, Pat Brown and Sandra Graves all said they loved Danny's.

Sharon Jones listed the shops Arrival, Maelstrom, Pink Panther and C and A.

"Definitely remember Danny's Discount on Botchergate omg the shellsuits," she added.

Pepe Jeans was also mentioned.

Daz Gray reminisced: "Pepe Jeans and get a free key with them to hook them on."

Fiona Wiseman said: "Remember Chelsea Girl and Fiori," while Helen Mulvaney replied: "I got my pods from there."


Maria Morley added: "Loved Chelsea Girl."