A NEW poll suggests there is strong support to introduce a tourist tax for areas such as the Lake District.

90 per cent of those polled by travel company Responsible Travel said they would be willing to pay a tax of between £2 and £10 per night, with proceeds ringfenced for reinvestment into local nature conservation.

Here's how our readers reacted.

One web user said: "Perhaps rather than going to the National Park, a tourist tax could help fund the shortfall in funds needed to maintain public amenities in the places that tourists are staying. The swimming pool in Keswick, for example. That way it would benefit everyone, local residents and tourists alike."

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Facebook reader Peter Gnarly Blakemore said: "Yeah I will stick to my pack lunch up a fell. Just putting it out there, businesses that rip off customers don't last nowadays."

Jason Lee said: "Ridiculous, Lake District businesses already charge a tourist tax for their accommodations, food, drink etc by hiking the prices up considerably compared to outside of the Lake District boundary."

Another web user said 'footfall is already falling' in the National Park, as another user said: "I'm totally against this, people are overcharged as it is."


Another commented: "Taxes influence behaviour. Tax tobacco and fewer people smoke. Tax refuse collection and there is more fly-tipping. Tax petrol and people drive less. A tourist tax would result in fewer visitors and reduced profitability for businesses within the National Park."