THE greeting card retailer, Clinton Cards, closed its store for the last time on March 19 in the town centre.

It follows the likes of other big names to leave Whitehaven town centre, including HSBC, NatWest and M&Co, all leaving large vacant buildings in town.

The retailer, which has been a key player on Britain's high street since 1968, is expected to close the Kirkcaldy shopping centre branch permanently on April 8.

Here's how our readers reacted. 

Tracey Skelly said: "It was a very sad day for us all at Clinton’s. Packing all the stock up. So sad," while Sandra Anson said: "Unfortunately I'm not surprised at the closure, even though they sell some beautiful quality cards etc, there are other shops with much cheaper cards and gift wrap items just as good. However, sorry to see another good shop closing in Carlisle."

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Clare Thwaites added: "The slow death of the town," while Olive Hunter agreed, saying: "It's not worth going into town now with all the shops closed."

Marie Carruthers said: "I'm not surprised you need a mortgage to shop there," and Chris Askew Oldham also said: "It needs new shops as soon as possible, same with Egremont there's going to be nothing left."


Web user Whitehaven lad said: "It was only a matter of time, their prices are double sometimes triple the price of the Card Factory, which is directly next door to them.

"Also, this isn't just a Whitehaven problem, this is a nationwide problem, mainly because people are not using the high streets like they used to," he added.