A WORKINGTON father has called for a pedestrian crossing to be placed on the A596 at Asda after his daughter was hit by a car and hospitalised.

Pat Carr has called for the crossing and some speed prevention measures to be placed on the A596 by the popular Dunmail Park Retail Park after his daughter Summer was taken to hospital with a broken ankle following the collision on Saturday, March 11.

Here's how our readers reacted.

Kerry Walker said: “I agree it needs a crossing. There was a lady knocked down and killed where the crossing point is, a proper crossing would be better."

Vicky Gill said: “Needs to be traffic light controlled, as a driver you can never get out of Asda if you're turning right it’s awful."

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Steven Ellis commented: "There is a crossing, they just don’t look or use it correctly," while Yvonne Hodgson said: "It's a 40 mph road but too many drivers fly down that road. Speed cameras or traffic calming might solve the problem."

Thomas Gill said: "All this should have been thought about before Asda was allowed to move into Dunmail Park. The road layout at the junction is terrible, the crossing access for people using public transport is poor.

"But instead of getting improvements in place then letting Asda develop there, the supermarket was allowed to move in and no thought given to increased traffic and pedestrians on an already busy road," he said.