Cumbria police plan not only to tackle racism, but to be an anti-racism force.

On the back of the Black Lives Matter protests and the murder of George Floyd by a policeman in the United States, the Cumbrian force decided to check its own data for how it dealt with people from ethnic minorities.

And although no figures have been revealed they admit they are disproportionate toward minorities in areas such as stop-and-search and fixed-penalty notices.

Now Cumbria Constabulary has teamed up with Anti Racist Cumbria to rebuild trust from groups that have a lived experience and an instilled mistrust of the police.

Here is what our readers had to say:

Ray McBride said: “I wish everyone would belt up about racism, just treat everyone with respect and the job’s sorted, this includes the disabled in our community.”

Neil Stuart Said: “The police need to get back on the streets to stop crime happening in the first place.”

Karen Lucas Heslop said: “Why keep banging on about racism? You’re just stirring and carrying it on to divide us.

“I’ve never heard one person where I live comment on another person’s colour. Just do a proper job catching criminals and not soft options that don’t require hard work.”

Kevin Cowing said: “Nothing wrong with stop-and-search as long as it isn’t driven by racial profiling ­— stop all colours.”

Mark Armstrong said: “Not with racism or gender or equality or diversity, but actual boots-on-the-ground policing is a real issue in Carlisle.”