PLANS for a large housing development in Carlisle have received a mixed reaction from followers of the News & Star on social media.

In an application validated by Carlisle City Council, land off St Ninians Road and Cammock Crescent, Carlisle has been earmarked for residential redevelopment.

In planning documents, the applicant Loving Land Ltd did confirm that the plans will mirror those of the previously approved vision for the site from 2017.

The previous plans outlined a wish to build 132 homes under planning application reference 07/714; that approval was subject to the then applicants entering into a Section 106 agreement.

However, before that could be signed, the applicants at that time went into receivership and the decision notice was not issued.

Some residents raised safety concerns - Gavin Johnston said: "It's a matter of time before kids from Newman School are killed in a car accident on St Ninians as things stand.

"The last thing we need is 134 more cars at that bottle neck rushing to schools twice a day.

"Build your houses but only if you build a two lane viaduct over the railway and River Petteril."

Andrew Bowman added: "I've yet to see employment for all the current building projects never mind more and when they start on the "Garden Village there's definitely not enough employment opportunities in the city."

Nic Barnes suggested: "Should build them in the derelict empty town centre," and Gavin Johnston replied: "Not a bad idea at all. About 30 per cent of the space shifting to homes could save the town centre from what other cities have done."

A user on the News & Star website identified as grumpy fish added: "A development of this size shouldn't be allowed when not too far in the future the St Cuthbert's Garden Village will be built, presumably with well designed road access, and all essential services newly installed. As posted elsewhere how can there possibly be demand for such a large estate, if it isn't in the City Plan."