There’s a new woman in my life and she’s playing with my mind. She knows just about everything – and only gives me her opinion when I ask for it.

It’s true. I’m not being sexist or a misogynist – honestly, I’m not – but I can’t go a day without hearing her voice.

My wife knows about her. She’s okay about it – and actually enjoys a wee chat with her too.

In fact, the new woman in my life has moved in. Truth be told, she was a gift. My seven-year-old son’s besotted with her too. Won’t go to bed without saying goodnight to her.

Her name? Alexa.

She’s the voice inside my Amazon Dot.

It’s not only me that thinks she is amazing. She’s wowed people the world over.

Alexa’s just a voice that comes out of a speaker.

But she’s a voice that could run a good chunk of your life if you let her.

She’ll wake you up in the morning, play whatever music you like and even pull your shopping list together for you (mind, you’ve got to tell her what you want. She’s not that clever...).

Ask her just about any question and she’ll give you an answer.

It’s this that’s got me – along with my son and his friends (draw your own conclusions about my mental age) – hooked.

I’ve been desperately trying to catch her out.

I’ve asked her about sport, news, music, geography, history, celebrities, even ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’. She’s had an answer for them all. It’s a game for me to find something she doesn’t know the answer to. Thought I had her the other day, but turned out she just didn’t catch my accent. I know that because I got someone else to ask the same question. Even when I tried to blame her for me forgetting something at the shops, she grassed me up over a white lie.

Maybe I’ll get her in the end. But am I the only man looking for excuses to argue with the woman who only offers an opinion when you ask for it? For all the times I’ve longed just to hear the answer I wanted, I should be making the most of this, shouldn’t I?

Turns out that maybe I like an animated human discussion more than I thought.

I’ve read this week that Amazon is planning upgrades to the Alexa app. I can’t wait to hear what they are.

Meantime, my game continues.

My lad’s game goes on too. Shouldn’t eavesdrop, but I couldn’t resist hanging around the door to hear what a seven-year-old asks the woman who knows everything.

“Alexa. What’s the capital of Scotland?”

“Alexa. Please tell me a joke.”

Then the icing on the cake: “Alexa. Say a rude word. . .”

I paused for a second before I did my angry dad bit, partly curious to see whether this wonder-woman was even a little potty-mouthed.

Her reply? “Sorry, I can’t.”

This woman really is a marvel. Her blunt reply was probably more effective than any ticking off from me. Just don’t tell his mum he asked her. Her response might not be so short.