Some of us will be lucky enough to get on with our neighbours but others might find it more difficult.

This could be due to previous disputes such as knocking a boundary wall down or replacing a garden fence.

But when it comes allowing your neighbours access to your garden (for example if they need to enter to carry out some work), do you have to give permission?

Let’s find out what the legal experts have to say.

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Do I have to allow my neighbour access to my garden?

In most circumstances, you do not have to allow your neighbour access to your garden.

If they go on to your land without permission, it’s classed as trespassing.

However, in some situations your neighbour may need to access your land in order to make some repairs to their property, reports My Lawyer.

The legal experts explain: “Their right to do this may be set out in the title deeds to your property.

“In England and Wales, the Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992 gives a landowner a right to apply to the county court for an order that they be given access to a neighbour's garden/land to carry out 'basic preservation works'.

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“The right given by the Act has strict rules attached to it. Written notification must be given to the nextdoor garden owner. This Act does not extend to Northern Ireland.”

Find out what is classed as “basic preservation work” here.

How to stop neighbours from coming into the garden

If you have neighbours coming into your garden without your permission, My Lawyer advises the first thing to do is to “approach the neighbour and ask them to stop entering your land”.

The legal experts add: “The best and safest way of doing things is to put this request in writing and keep a copy of the correspondence for your records.

Tips for first-time buyers

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“If they continue to trespass on your property and they rent their property rather than own it, you could complain to their landlord (you can find out who the landlord is by contacting the Land Registry).

“This might have the effect of stopping the problem or lead to the eviction of the tenants. If no action is taken, you may be able to obtain an injunction against them by court action.

“It is possible that a criminal offence has taken place, such as a breach of the peace or an assault. If this is the case, then you should call the police.”