Nestle has revealed the release of two KitKat chocolate bars in the UK, one of which is brand new.

The confectionary company is known for chocolate products including KitKat, Aero, Smarties, Quality Street and Milkybar. 

Chocolate lovers have already been spoilt in recent months with the release of various new products in the lead up to Easter.

Cadbury recently released a white chocolate creme egg Easter egg which shoppers have labelled a "game changer".

This followed on from a new Creme Egg chocolate bar which was released in the UK back in December.

Nestle also recently confirmed the release of two new Aero Chocolate bars - one being a new choco-hazelnut flavour.

News and Star: Nestle recently released the new choco-hazelnut flavoured Aero chocolate bar in the UK.Nestle recently released the new choco-hazelnut flavoured Aero chocolate bar in the UK. (Image: Nestle)

Nestle reveals release of two KitKat chocolate bars

Just days after the launch of the Aero chocolates in the UK, Nestle has now revealed it is releasing two KitKat bars in stores across the country - one which is brand new and the another which it said was "back by popular demand".

The first, is a new KitKat 4 Finger White which will be replacing the Caramel version launched in 2023.

This white chocolate KitKat is the latest addition to the KitKat 4 Finger range and is available now in supermarkets and stores across the UK.

But it will only be available until the end of 2024. 

Nestle also revealed the KitKat Chunky White with Lotus Biscoff would be returning to UK stores due to "popular demand".

The bar combines the signature KitKat wafer, with original Lotus Biscoff caramelised biscuit crumb, enveloped in a layer of white chocolate.

The KitKat and Lotus Biscoff collaboration returns after first being launched in Tesco stores across the UK last year. 


The KitKat Chunky White with Lotus Biscoff will return to Tesco for another 12-week exclusive run in 2024 before being made available in stores UK wide.

KitKat Assistant Brand Manager, Torin Zieboll, said: "We are thrilled to unveil these new flavours in our KitKat range.

"We know KitKat enthusiasts nationwide look forward to exciting new products and this collaboration between KitKat and Lotus Biscoff is truly iconic, bringing together two beloved brands to create an unforgettable taste experience."