McDonald's has announced that a beloved menu item will be returning to chains nationwide in just a few weeks.

The Breakfast Wrap was cut from all menus back in 2020 and has since seen mass outcry.

The fast-food chain shared it was endlessly inundated with requests to bring back the item with even 22 online petitions made in its favour.

McDonald's even received more than 5,000 direct messages over the beloved wrap and 'too many tweets to count'.

McDonald's to bring back the Breakfast Wrap

The Breakfast Wrap will return to McDonald's chains nationwide from February 7.

The item includes all the best parts of a breakfast meal including two free-range eggs, a pork sausage patty, a slice of bacon, a crispy potato rosti and cheese served in a tortilla wrap with a choice of brown sauce or ketchup.

It will cost £4.39 on its own or you can upgrade to a meal for £5.89 which includes a drink and hasbrown.

McDonald's breakfast is served from 5am until 11am seven days a week.

Many fans of the Breakfast Wrap were quick to share their excitement over the item's return.

As one X (formerly known as Twitter) user shared: "This is genuinely the best news I’ve heard for a long time."

While another added: "Of all the tweets I’ve seen this morning… I am most happy about this one!!! You bet I will be at a drive-thru on the 7th Feb."

Another suggested the Breakfast Wrap should have never been removed: "About time!!!!!!! Should never have taken them off in the 1st place."

However, while many are happy with the items returned, many McDonald's fans think the wrong item was brought back.

One X user said that the breakfast bagels should have instead been brought back while another added that the much-missed Chicken Legend should have returned.