Costa Coffee has released its new range of merchandise for January 2024, following the launch of its new menu.

The new range includes travel cups, keyrings and more and all follow a blue colour palette, relating to a calm period after a busy month of festivities.

Whether you like to enjoy a drink at your local store or at home, there’s something for everyone in the new merchandise range – let’s take a look.

Costa Coffee launches new merchandise range for January 2024

The new range comes following the launch of Costa Coffee’s new menu which includes Hot Milkshakes, new and returning food and more.

Here’s a list of the new items you can grab this January:

  • 16oz Hammered Stainless Steel Reusable Travel Cup - £12
  • 16oz Travel Cup with Sleeve - £6 – can be used to keep the new Hot Milkshakes warm.
  • Ceramic Mug - £6
  • Hot Milkshake Keyrings - £4.50

What is a Hot Milkshake from Costa Coffee?

Hot Milkshakes are now available to buy at Costa Coffee stores and the coffee shop chain describes them as hot and thick.

News and Star: Costa Coffee released Hot Milkshakes as part of its new menu this JanuaryCosta Coffee released Hot Milkshakes as part of its new menu this January (Image: Costa Coffee)

They come in three flavours – White Chocolate and Strawberry, Salted Caramel Coffee and Chocolate Hazel - and they can be sipped through a straw.

They come topped with Light Whip, and depending on what flavour you opt for, a choice of sprinkles, sweet caramel vermicelli or chocolate brownie crumbs.

Although they're pictured in milkshake glasses, they won't be served in them.

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How to buy the new Costa Coffee merchandise

If you’d like to get your hands on the new collection of merchandise, here’s how you can.

Keep an eye out for the range in your local Costa Coffee store as they’ll be available nationwide.

You’ll need to be quick though as they’re available for a limited time only.