The NHS has created a new quiz that works out just how healthy you are whilst giving you guidance and recommendations to help improve your life.

The quiz was created to help people change their bad habits after the NHS found that 40% of deaths in the UK were linked to damaging behaviour.

Now the quiz lets people directly discover how these seemingly small bad habits can have a big impact on your health and what you can do to improve them.

The test tells you exactly what you need to change if you want to make a permanent advantage to your life and better your health.

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What is the NHS How Are You Quiz?

Part of the Better Health programme, the ten-minute quiz gives you a free personalised health score out of 10.

Using basic information from your daily diet, exercise, drinking and smoking habits, it starts by asking you your age, sex and name.

Before moving on to scale questions that give it an understanding of your typical mood, with prompts like ‘down in the dumps’ and ‘over the moon’.

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In the next part, you are asked what is stopping you from taking care of yourself, whether you don’t know how, are ill are don’t have the money.

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Later the quiz asks what your top three health priorities are such as feeling young or having more energy.

After quizzing you on your mood and lifestyle, it will ask you about your eating habits, including the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat to what type of beverages you enjoy.

You’ll then be asked about your exercise pattern, with the option of a scale between 0 to 150 minutes each day.

Before finding out your results, the quiz will ask if you smoke regularly.

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In the end, you’ll receive a score out of 10 and will find out what areas you are in for each subject, such as red, amber or green.

After you get your final score, you’ll get the chance to hear some feedback and personalised advice on how to improve your well-being.

With helpful advice such as having alcohol-free days, doing more exercise or eating healthier meals.

Try out the How Are You Quiz now.