Strictly Come Dancing will return to our screens on Saturday for a special show as the BBC celebrates its 100th year.

And with another week of Strictly sparkle comes another week of dances and the BBC has revealed what we can expect from each couple when it comes to their dance choices and songs.

Additionally, for the first time, the dancers will perform to a BBC theme tune or dance in order to pay tribute to BBC services.

Strictly Come Dancing songs and dances for BBC 100 year special

Ellie S and Nikita

  • Dance: Paso Doble
  • Track & artist/writer: Montagues and Capulets – Sergei Prokofiev’s Ballet – Romeo and Juliet
  • BBC tribute: The Apprentice

Ellie T and Johannes

  • Dance: Tango
  • Track & artist/writer: Casualty Theme Tune – Ken Freeman
  • BBC tribute: Casualty

Fleur and Vito

  • Dance: Jive
  • Track & artist/writer: Waterloo - Abba
  • BBC tribute: Eurovision

Helen and Gorka

  • Dance: Charleston
  • Track & artist/writer: Blue Peter Theme Tune – Mike Oldfield
  • BBC tribute: Blue Peter

Jayde and Karen

  • Dance: Charleston
  • Track & artist/writer: The Ballad Of Barry and Freda (Let’s Do It) – Victoria Wood
  • BBC tribute: BBC Comedy – Victoria Wood

Kym and Graziano

  • Dance: Quickstep
  • Track & artist/writer: Ballroom Blitz - Sweet
  • BBC tribute: Come Dancing

Molly and Carlos

  • Dance: Couples’ Choice
  • Track & artist/writer: Grange Hill Theme Tune – Alan Hawkshaw
  • BBC tribute: BBC Children’s – Grange Hill

Hamza and Jowita

  • Dance: Quickstep
  • Track & artist/writer: On Top Of The World – Imagine Dragons
  • BBC tribute: BBC Nature Programming

James and Amy

  • Dance: Foxtrot
  • Track & artist/writer: Julia’s Theme/EastEnders Theme Tune – Simon May and Leslie Osborne
  • BBC tribute: EastEnders

Tony and Katya

  • Dance: Cha Cha
  • Track & artist/writer: Grandstand Theme Tune – Keith Mansfield
  • BBC tribute: BBC Sport - Grandstand

Tyler and Dianne

  • Dance: Tango
  • Track & artist/writer: Doctor Who Theme Tune – Segun Akinola
  • BBC tribute: Doctor Who

Will and Nancy

  • Dance: Viennese Waltz
  • Track & artist/writer: Line Of Duty End Titles – Carly Paradis
  • BBC tribute: Line Of Duty

Strictly Come Dancing continues at 6.40pm on Saturday, October 22 on BBC One.