Drinking wine could could help reduce the risk of becoming infected with Covid-19, a new study suggests.

A study published by Frontiers in Nutrition looked at 473,957 medical records via the UK Biobank.

The study suggests those who drink five or more glasses of red wine a week were up to 17% less likely to catch the virus which scientists believe could be due to the high polyphenol content in the drink.

White wine and champagne was also said to lower the risk of infection while people who drink one to four glasses a week of either drink could reduce the risk by up to eight per cent.

Other alcoholic drinks such as beer and cider were found to increase the risk of infection by up to 28% compared with non-drinkers.

Study suggests certain alcoholic drinks could protect against Covid

The study concluded: The Covid risk appears to vary across different alcoholic beverage subtypes, frequency, and amount.

"Red wine, white wine, and champagne have the chances to reduce the risk of Covid-19.”

It added: "Consumption of beer and cider and spirits and heavy drinking are not recommended during the epidemics.

"Public health guidance should focus on reducing the risk of Covid-19 by advocating healthy lifestyle habits and preferential policies among consumers of beer and cider and spirits."

Despite the positive results for certain drinks the study found that those who drank double the suggested guidelines were found to be at higher risk overall.