With Halloween just around the corner, something wicked this way comes.

B&M has just released its Halloween fancy dress range and it's much more treat than trick.

It has costumes for the whole family with options for men, women, children, toddlers and even our furry friends.

You can get everything from your classic Corpse Bride to something even more chilling like a scary clown (eek!).

News and Star: Little witch in a field of pumpkins. Credit: Monstera from PexelsLittle witch in a field of pumpkins. Credit: Monstera from Pexels

Once you've kitted out your little monsters, B&M also have a truly spooky Halloween homeware range that will give your house a haunted makeover in no time.

Check out its Halloween range for guaranteed costume inspiration and a scarily good bargain.

Halloween Costume Ideas 2021 with B&M

News and Star: Halloween Costumes for everyone. Credit: B&MHalloween Costumes for everyone. Credit: B&M


News and Star: Corpse Bride. Credit: B&MCorpse Bride. Credit: B&M

This Corpse Bride dress will look truly spooktacular when you're out trick or treating this Halloween.

It is available for £15.

Clown Dress

News and Star: Clown dress. Credit: B&MClown dress. Credit: B&M

You can never go wrong with a creepy clown for Halloween.

Stand out amid the Halloween circus in red and black or in their black and white option.

Get yours for £15.

Red Devil Dress

News and Star: Red Devil costume. Credit: B&MRed Devil costume. Credit: B&M

This Red Devil Halloween costume is perfect for entertaining at a Halloween Party or for escorting your little minions when they're trick or treating.

It is available in red or black at just £15.


Scarecrow costume

News and Star: Scarecrow costume. Credit: B&MScarecrow costume. Credit: B&M

This spooky Scarecrow costume is perfect for whether you're trick or treating of stuffing your face with sweets at your own Haunted House.

Pick it up at B&M for £15.

Scary Clown

News and Star: Scary Clown. Credit: B&MScary Clown. Credit: B&M

This Mens' Scary Clown costume will send chills down the spines of trick or treaters for the rest of the year.

It also comes in white and trust us when we say, they are equally terrifying.

It can be yours for just £15.


Day of the Dead

News and Star: Day of the Dead. Credit: B&MDay of the Dead. Credit: B&M

This Day of the Dead dress is more treat than trick.

Pick it up for £10.


News and Star: Skeleton. Credit: B&MSkeleton. Credit: B&M

Send chills down your bones with this Skeleton dress.

It can be yours for just £10.


News and Star: Clown. Credit: B&MClown. Credit: B&M

A creepy clown is for any age group.

It is available for £10 at B&M.


News and Star: Witch costume. Credit: B&MWitch costume. Credit: B&M

Every Halllowen needs a witch, this year it could be you or your little one.

This 2-4 year old size is available for £8.

Broken Doll

News and Star: Broken doll. Credit: B&MBroken doll. Credit: B&M

This broken doll costume is perfect for trick or treating this Halloween.

It can be yours for just £10-we aren't winding you up.



News and Star: Demon. Credit: B&MDemon. Credit: B&M

This demon costume is perfect for your little monster this October 31.

The costume is available for £10.


News and Star: Clown. Credit: B&MClown. Credit: B&M

This creepy clown costume will send chills down the spine of every trick or treater.

Pick it up for just £10.


News and Star: Zombie. Credit: B&MZombie. Credit: B&M

This Zombie costume is dead cool (sorry).

Get yours for £10.

Little Monster

News and Star: Little monster. Credit: B&MLittle monster. Credit: B&M

If they're a little monster all year round, then we think we've found you the perfect costume.

It's available for just £10.


Trick or Treat Buckets

News and Star: Halloween buckets. Credit: B&MHalloween buckets. Credit: B&M

We love Halloween and Halloween costumes for that matter but they aren't always practical.

How are we going to go trick or treating when we don't have any pockets to put our well earned sweets?

These buckets are available in a range of colours from £1 each.

Trick Or Treat Bags

News and Star: Monster trick or treat bag. Credit: B&MMonster trick or treat bag. Credit: B&M

These fluffy trick or treat bags can return for Halloween year on year.

Available in a variety of colours, pick yours up for £2.50 each.


News and Star: Pet costumes and accesories. Credit: B&MPet costumes and accesories. Credit: B&M

Why should our furry friends miss out on all of the Halloween fun?

There are costumes and accessories for pooches of all shapes and sizes.

Get everything from doggy jumpers to bandanas from the B&M website.