7 Up is back tonight with a new series following a group of millennials as they grow up in 21st century Britain.

28 Up: Millennial Generation is the latest series of the BBC documentary that first aired in the 2000s.

The first series focused on a group of kids who all turned seven at the millennium and has caught up with the same group of people from different backgrounds every seven years since.

In a statement the BBC described the show and the making of the new series: “One of the important aspects of filming the series is that we don’t document every detail of their lives, we only drop in every seven years, so the experience for them is not too intrusive.

“When we started this project, going around countless schools and youth clubs in 1999, Michael Apted, who made the original 7 Up series that began in 1964 and who sadly died this year, told us that it would become far more important to us than we could ever imagine. He was right.”

Where to watch it and what time it's on

28 Up: Millennial Generation returns to BBC One tonight at 9pm.

News and Star: 28 Up will air on BBC One at 9pm (BBC/MultiStory Media)28 Up will air on BBC One at 9pm (BBC/MultiStory Media)

BBC One synopsis for the show says: “Having had to give up his career as a footballer because of serious injury, Sanchez, from Leeds, continues his pursuit for fame in other ways by focusing on making it as a radio DJ.

“Bolton-based Gemma, who was born able-bodied but left severely paralysed by a rare virus that attacked her body at the age of two, must find work in an increasingly competitive job landscape.

“In Slough, we discover if John managed to travel the world as he dreamed of doing as a 14-year-old. Oliver, from London, who was educated at Eton, re-evaluated his priorities after spending time in the US and is now struggling to find career satisfaction.

“Liverpool, Courtney wants to prove to herself and others that she can survive and thrive in the toughest of times. And Ben from the Isle of Mull is figuring out exactly what he wants for his life.”

28 Up: Millennial Generation airs tonight at 9pm on BBC One.