Temperatures across some parts of the UK are set to soar to more than 20 degrees during the Spring bank holiday weekend.

Here’s what the weather will be like over the bank holiday weekend.

What will the weather be like this weekend?

This weekend will see a mixture of rain and sunshine throughout the UK.

  • Saturday, May 23: It will be sunny with scattered showers in some areas, accompanied by a peak temperature of 18C in some parts.
  • Sunday, May 24: It will become increasingly cloudy, with patchy rain in the west. It will remain warm, with a peak of 18C throughout the day.
  • Bank Holiday Monday, May 25: We will see bright sunshine throughout most of the day in some areas, with highs of 21C.

What is the long-term forecast?

Looking further ahead until Tuesday, June 2, the Met Office says: “The beginning of this period is likely to see a return to more settled conditions, bringing plenty of fine and dry weather, with temperatures recovering to above average.”

However, the northwest of Scotland could still see some more unsettled conditions at times.

It is likely that there may be some outbreaks of rain moving southwards across the UK, accompanied by light winds.

High pressure could build again, bringing plenty of sunshine, calm conditions and above average temperatures, particularly in the south and east of the UK.

There may still be some cloudier skies and rain in parts of the north and west at times.

The Met Office UK outlook for Wednesday, June 3, to Wednesday, June 17, adds: “The generally settled conditions should continue into this period, but may we may begin to see the occasional spell of unsettled weather later on.”