WE shared the news that Carlisle's Crystals and More is relocating as it seeks to expand its all-encompassing wellness services and community offerings. 

The business, which has been on Cecil Street for over three years, will be moving to 3 Lonsdale Street with plans of opening for patrons on July 6. 

Michelle Dunning, the owner and a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, is excited to be able to offer more to the city. 

Here's what readers said.

Daniel Morgan-Wilcox said: "Congratulations Michelle. Me and Justin Morgan-Wilcox can’t wait to see the new shop and will be through as soon as it’s open."

Kerrie Irving said: "Can’t wait to see the new shop all decked out, I know you are going to smash it."

Kristy Liddle said: "What a fab shop Michelle Dunning has. Look forward to visiting the new space and I'm sure it will have all the same homely feels as the current shop. Well done Michelle in growing your business in a tough climate. Wouldn’t shop anywhere else."

Joanne Smith said: "Fantastic news. You are going to smash it. Great plans to include more people. Powertex workshops are a great way to relax."

Sharron Sloan said: "Wishing you all the very best Michelle," while Martin Douglas said: "Well done Michelle Dunning hard work pays off. You should be so proud."

Kirsty Stephenson commented: "Where I spend the majority of my money. Can't wait to visit the new shop, Michelle Dunning. And I have a gift card to spend so you know I am going to be getting a good shop."