WE shared the news that as Easter approaches, staff at Castle Chocolates, at Carlyle’s Court, Fisher Street, in Carlisle, are working overtime to meet demand.

Owner Keith Tattersall opened the business in 2019.

As its reputation has grown, Castle Chocolates has accrued such high-profile clients as fine dining restaurant Lounge on the Green and Cranstons, which is now its biggest.

The shop is very much part of the community, frequently supporting local charities. 

Here's what our readers thought of their chocolates.

Stacy Dudley said: "Best coffee chocolates I've had," while Stacey Kidd added: "Love this shop. The chocolates are to die for. Keith's done so well."

Gill Wadeson said: "Incredible chocolate, absolutely love it," as Steven Mccafferty added he thought it was a "great chocolate shop".

Sarah Watt commented: "The nicest chocolate I've ever tasted," and Andrew Sheila Byers also said: "Absolutely beautiful chocolates."

Fellow business The Buttered Cat congratulated Keith, saying "well done buddy".


One web user said: "A great business with fantastic chocolate," and another said: "Couldn’t agree more! A great success."

Amanda Palmer said the chocolates were "beautiful" and Alison Field added they were her favourite chocolates.