WE shared the news that Carlisle's high street is witnessing "investor confidence growth" amid key city regeneration projects, according to a leading commercial property agent.

Countering the ongoing trend of high street decline and vacant units, an issue which was raised at a Cumberland Council meeting back in January, Carigiet Cowen speaks of positive activity and interest in multiple prime locations within the city.

From buildings on high streets to self-contained sites in smaller shopping destinations, it is said the city is showing signs of promise on the back of key city regeneration projects such as the University of Cumbria's Citadel project, STACK and Carlisle's Railway Station project. 

Here's what our readers thought.

Jules Goldsmith said: "It would be ace if House of Fraser became like an Afflecks Palace in Manchester. Loads of artisan shops with amazing variety."

Natalie Bell said: "A problem I’ve noticed for the city centre though is that because of rental and business rates, it’s incredibly difficult for new businesses or startups to look to utilise the space. Without significant financial backing, it leaves little room for homegrown businesses to have any sort of chance. Big brands and names have come to the city before, but not brands that are affordable for the many, only the few, so they close."

Phillip Jolly added: "If we want local businesses and the community to succeed then local businesses need to offer unique and personal alternatives to mass-produced cheap tat offered online and the council has to invest money into bespoke businesses and give them the breaks that would usually be reserved for large corporations."