WE shared the news that one local book retailer finds itself grappling with the possibility of closing down as the rest of the nation celebrates World Book Day.

Robert and Kim Turnbull have been running Reiver Reads from inside Carlisle's Market Hall for around nine months. 

The independent bookshop is edging towards closure due to dwindling foot traffic and sales - problems facing many of their colleagues in the building. 

Despite efforts to attract customers through various initiatives like discounts, bargain buckets, selling on Vinted and even starting a book club, the shop continues to struggle.

Here's what readers thought.

Sinéad Gracey Watson said: "Very sad. This market is being driven into the ground. Sad to remember being a kid in the 1980s and all the great shops we had, and a bustling market with the concert hall. I've always been an advocate for use it or lose it, I'd rather buy in physical shops. But the town is a ghost town now, just coffee shops and eateries mostly. It's been decimated."

Steph Thomson added: "Sad to see. Once over it was the place to be aspiring to those who walked in the door, cafe on a Saturday customers were waiting outside the door for a table or a seat it was always so busy, the farmers' Saturday market where you could buy anything from a pot of homemade jam to a single potato if that’s all you needed."