WE shared the news that a fresh food and dairy business, Inter Fresh, is now forecasting a turnover of £4million this year, employs 25 people and has just relocated into new larger premises in Carlisle.

Will Box started the business in his mum’s garage with a family loan of £10,000.

Will left school at 16 and went to work at Stephenson’s, a traditional grocery in Appleby which his father later bought.

Here's what readers thought of his success.

Diane Shaw said: "The growth is well deserved. Great company to work with and nothing too much trouble. They were fantastic during the pandemic."

Mikey Davidson said: "Their customer service is second to nobody round here."

Tony Jenkins said: "Well done and good luck for the future," while Sally Longstaff said: "Great people. Great produce, fab service."

Gordon Hewitson said: "Good luck with it all," and Thomina Khan Ruji added: "Well done guys."

Other readers including Billy Bell and Brett Page congratulated them on their success.

Two months before the first Covid lockdown, when the business was turning over nearly £1million, Will and his friend Johnny Honeyman (now a director) launched a sister business, Boxed Fresh, aimed at the domestic and office market.

Will says now both Inter Fresh, which is the wholesale side of the business, and Boxed Fresh have about 300 to 400 customers.