WE shared the news that Penrith's Lloyds Bank which is set to close in the coming weeks has been placed on the market. 

The branch on King Street will close on March 19, 2024, following a review of the branch's performance, revealing a significant decline in in-person transactions over the past five years.

The review said 288 people are using the Penrith branch on a regular basis, of which a majority are aged between 55-74. 

Here is what our readers thought.

Barbara Ward Markham said: "Never give up cash people, we overspend using a card and what's going to happen when all the computers go down."

Peter Harrison said: "For people like me this is fine. It won't affect me (and not because I live in Carlisle), but there are a lot of older people who don't like online banking or aren't tech-literate. A real shame."

Sue Millard added: "I admit I haven’t been into a branch in person since well before Covid - but I still think we need a hub in Penrith where all the banks can be represented, with actual people. There are still customers who want to discuss business in person - especially if they have a rubbish internet connection like we have."

David Whittle said: "People need to use cash," and Peter Stanyer commented: "I used to go in the bank all the time. Now I have no need to. I can even pay cheques in online."