OUR readers shared their thoughts on the news that the town of Penrith is grappling with a series of business closures.

Last week, it was announced that Devonshire Street’s The Works would be closing in mid-April and that ‘all team members’ would be redistributed to other shops in Carlisle and Kendal.

In January so far, the town has witnessed the closure of high-street shopfronts including the Chopping Block, Wild Ivy Floral Design (with a move to online) and Ruby Rae’s.  

Susie Hale said: "Well if the rent was lower these shops wouldn't be closing. Having talked to quite a few people, not just in Penrith, that's the sad fact, their costs have risen by more than 50 per cent and in many cases the building rent has gone up by at least that much, those price hikes can't be passed on to customers, no one has money to burn."

John Keith said he was 'not surprised', as Phill Palmer commented: "I walked around Penrith last year, and I was amazed at how many shops were closed. There'll be nowt left."

Steven Henderson added: "Banks closing too remember, large empty buildings those."

Jamie McHale said: "Not nice to see. People need to start supporting local businesses rather than well-known fast food chains."

One web user said: "Very sad but it is the Amazon effect," as another stated: "It's not just Penrith; it's everywhere. Problem is, in a big city or town, closures are less noticed due to the amount of shops still available."