WE shared the news that the once-revered Woolworths could soon be making a return to the UK.

Known for its pick 'n' mix sweets and bargain prices, Woolworths is perhaps the ultimate blast of high street nostalgia.

In 2009 when its British shops closed after the financial crisis, the brand in Germany, where it is known as Woolworth, was saved by HH Holding.

Current HH Holding chief Roman Heini seeks to expand internationally and says the UK is on his "bucket list" of destinations.

Our readers discussed the return of Woolworths.

Alan Evans said: "Yes please. Hopefully set off a trend to buy from the high street again. Although I'm guilty of online shopping a lot it doesn't match buying from a shop."

Ann Paterson said: "Let’s get back to the shops we all loved and have a bit of normality back. That’s what we all loved."

Pat Kirkup said: "Great news. Fingers crossed someone else sees the need for department stores too."

Lee Gartland added: "It was a great store. I spent my youth looking at the video games in Woolworths. Hope it returns."

Sharon Sharp said: "Fab news hope it happens," while Elaine Lightfoot said: "Great store, hope this happens, worked there many years ago."

Emma Seymour commented: "Yes used to love going to Woolworths for Christmas shopping."

Sal Denwood and other readers were also positive about the news.