WE shared the news that The Lanes Shopping Centre's multi-storey car park on Lowther Street made the transition from ticketed to ticketless parking on January 8.

Here's how readers reacted.

David Jarman said: "Won’t be parking there then. Hope lots stop using it. If we want to use cash, then it’s down to us to show them we will not be dictated to on how we pay by boycotting anywhere that refuses to accept cash."

Denise Wood said: "Don’t take cash, just don’t use. That goes for any business, a few that done it have gone back to cash because of people boycotting."

Graham Jones said: "Parking should be free. It's a shopping tax. I'll just get my stuff from Amazon."

Amie Flanagan-Fenton commented: "People really do hate change don't they. As someone who doesn't carry cash, I will continue to park there. It's not an overnight change, I've seen signs in The Lanes for months. Card and apps are so much easier in general."

Steven Duffy said: "Didn't know Carlisle had a shopping centre still all I've seen is empty shops."

Jackie Rutherford said: "We need cash parking, not everybody has cards."

Rob Davidson said: "A good idea I think as the council will be able to get the data from the cards to look at who's shopping and decide what shops to open."

Gail Nevill added: "There isn't anything good in The Lanes anyway so I'll give it a miss."