WE shared the news that a pub’s new owners are seeing success after taking on an unusual project this summer.

Demi and Tom took on the White Horse at Kings Meaburn and have transformed it into a place offering a regularly changing menu of dishes, containing mostly locally-sourced produce.

The interior has been fully refurbished, Tom said, and most people have been loving the change... but some were more negative.

He decided to turn the negative comments into creative t-shirts and donate the proceeds to an animal rescue charity.

Here's how readers reacted.

One web user said: "Some of the locals need to move into the 21st century and grow up. Do they imagine a pub business can exist on a handful of locals who pop in now and then? Don't they read that 21 pubs in the UK (18 in England) close for good every week?"

Byron Bell said: "Haters are gonna hate. Some people don't like change or to see others do well. Sounds like they're making a good go of something and why not times are hard, we should support local businesses. Good luck to you."

Stuart Whelan said: "Good luck folks very nice to help an animal rescue charity out."

Adrian Pearson commented: "We had an amazing meal a few weeks ago, and look forward to lots of return visits. Great menu and superb service."