Readers have expressed their concern as pubs face a difficult period ahead with a rise in the number of cases of Covid threatening to bring life to halt once again.

Rishi Sunak is set to hold crisis talks with pub and restaurant bosses who have seen takings plummet amid Omicron fears.

The Chancellor faces pressure to produce a rescue package for the hospitality sector as Christmas festivities have been scaled back after the rapid growth in cases of the Covid-19 variant.

The latest daily figures showed almost 90,000 Covid-19 cases were recorded as of 9am on Thursday, the highest figure so far in the pandemic.

Here's what you, the readers, had to say.

John Messenger said he thought there should be tough penalties on those who don't show for their bookings.

He said: "Should charge each booking £10 each if no show they loose their deposit."

Jo King seemed to think that more vaccinations were the answer, saying: "But surely!....people are getting their [jabs]."

Billy Oliver replied to the comment, saying: "[It] doesn’t stop you catching [Covid] though, [it] just stops you being seriously ill/ hospitalised."

Phil Rickerby said: "Wouldn't stop me going out to bars and restaurants - they are spreading fear and the [sheep] fall for it every time."

Kelly Louise Cole replied to Phil's comment saying: "I guess it could be more a case of people not wanting to be stuck in isolation with Covid over Christmas rather than ‘sheep’ living in fear.

"I went on my Christmas celebration with colleagues and have been tested positive and in isolation since Sunday. Fortunately for us that ends on 21st. Anyone who catches it now would be guaranteed a crap Christmas."

The combination of the Plan B restrictions and Prof Whitty’s comments meant “consumer confidence has been hugely undermined”, chief executive Emma McClarkin said.

In a letter to Mr Sunak she said a failure to offer further support “risks mass closures in an industry which remains on a knife-edge after a brutal previous 21 months”.

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